Island Beach Resort for couples

When some people think of a resort they immediately think of a hotel near a beach, sharing facilities such as pools, car parks, beaches, barbecues, lifts, and sun lounges with other guests and families. In many cases this is true, but an Island Beach Resort provides such a different setting and experience it has to be seen to be believed.

Imagine spending your days lounging in the sun, walking sandy beaches and relaxing by the pool – but all without another soul in sight. You and your partner enjoying the privacy of a sole occupancy resort, where it’s just you, the beach, and all the ways you can think of to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

An Island Resort provides the privacy you need to really unwind. Forget sharing your holiday with other families and strangers, you’ll never need to worry about how busy the beach is and how many kids are taking over the pool area. Choose a Private Resort in a quiet, beach setting, your very own piece of Island Paradise where you can simply forget about the rest of the world and enjoy your island holiday.

Luxurious beachfront honeymoon destination to couples

Eco Certificates

100% Solar powered with spring and rainwater eco-friendly sustained private retreat

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